Christian Freebies' Christmas Spectacular! Our favorite little Wish Mouse!

Christmas Clipart Section
This site offers a very nice collection of colorful, high-quality Christmas clipart. Check out this site if you are looking for graphics that will go nicely with print-based publications and websites. - Christmas Clipart provides an excellent collection of small Christmas clipart that is perfecct for most holiday publications.

Christmas Graphics
Christmas Graphics is a wonderful place to find small Christmas clipart. They have awesome collection that is definately worth the visit. Check them out!

Marcy's Christmas Gifs
This place has a wonderful collection of high-quality graphics, which we think you that you will enjoy. Make sure to check them out.
Merry Christmas Clipart
This site has a variety of clipart -- most of it being designed for online publications, such as for e-mails or websites. However, some of the clipart also works beautifully with paper publications also. Check them out!

Santa Lady's Victorian Christmas Images
This website offers a nice selection of Christmas Pictures that are quite handy, especially for Christmas letter decorations!

This site contains a really neat variety of Christmas Clipart that are perfect for Christmas Newsletters, Websites and much more!

Christmas Cartoon Clipart!
This site has a HUGE collection of old time favorite cartoon clipart!  This is a very nice site!  Please check this one out.
Christmas Images
This is a great place to find a variety of colorful, high-quality, fun graphics for any type of Christmas publication that you would like to put together. Check them out! - Free Christmas Clipart
They have a beautiful selection of Christmas Clips that are prefect for decorating your Christmas letters!
Dr. Who's Christmas Page
This site offers a small collection of very nice, colorful graphics that work well with print-based publications.
Christmas German Clipart
This site lists a small variety of Christmas clipart from Germany. Good quality graphics!
Awesome Christmas Clipart for Kids
This site has good selection of Christmas Clipart and a variety of other useful materials, such as free Christmas fonts, midi music, etc.
Merry Christmas Graphics
This site offers a rather small, but nice selection of must-see Christmas graphics!