Christian Freebies' Christmas Spectacular! Our favorite little Wish Mouse!

Christmas Midi Music Section
The Christmas Midi Files
The Christmas Midi Files is a neat place to visit because of the midi music resources that they have listed. Come and check this site out!
Songs of the Season
They have a wonderful, high-quality selection of popular Christmas Music. This is a very nice site to visit and it is also very highly recommended! Music
This site has a very nice collection of upbeat Christmas music that we think that you will enjoy listening to. (Excellent site!)
Uncle Dave's Christmas Tunes
Dave has a rockin site that has all kinds of high-spirited Midi and MP3 versions of songs that you can play on your computer. Check out his site if you like to rock around the Christmas tree!
DeLong Farms' Christmas Midis
This site lists a very nice collection of Christmas midi music. One thing that is really nice about this site is that they offer different styles / categories of Christmas music from classical to contemporary. Check out there site. We think that you will like it.
Christmas Midi Forest
The Christmas Midi Forest has many popular Christmas Midi tunes available for you to listen to!
Christmas MP3 Music
This site lists a good collection of high-quality MP3 music for people to enjoy. A high-speed Internet connection is helpful with this site due to the size of the music files. Music
This site lists a large variety of free popular Christmas music. Visit their site and enjoy the music that they have listed for you.
The Midi Parlour
This site has a very large collection of Midi music for you to check out! Also, if you are looking for a particular style, this is a must see site. They have many categories of music for you to listen to!
The Classical Midi Connection
The Classical Midi Connection has a huge listing of Christmas music by a variety of authors for your enjoyment. Check out there site and enjoy the Christmas mood that is present with this site.